Frequently Asked Questions

What made Ari School of Fitness unique?

We believe in Fitness and Friendship for Life.

Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness. Combined that with great relationships, consistency, and dedication, we’d have a recipe to Make Life Awesome!

What do you do during your 55-minutes session?

  1. Smile, talk, laugh, and some physical warm ups.
  2. Learn/practice a skill, lift some stuff.
  3. Start the clock, run, jump, lift, throw things around.
  4. Sweat.
  5. Stop the clock, cool down, and laugh a little more.

How do we deliver it?

We combine personal training with small group classes.

Personal Training is the best method for delivering results of health, fitness, body composition, and sports performance to clients.

Small CrossFit group classes are best at delivering sustainable motivation, social interaction, and reducing financial cost for clients.

Our method is to combine CrossFit and Personal Training and we’ve dond so very succesfully! Check out our testimonials!.

I wanna ask more question.

Really? Thought we covered it all!

Just kidding!

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