March 30, 2020 – CrossFit for Health

2-3 Rounds:
5 child's pose to cobra,
3 negative push-ups (5-10 sec descent),
5 each side side lunge or Cossack squat,
calf stretch 30-60s

A. Death by 10m

Each minute as long as possible
Start by laying chest down on the ground. The first minute stand up and sprint 10 meters (if you don't have 10m cut it in half and do an 'out-and-back' 5m)).

The second minute, stand up and run 10m, lay down, then stand up and run 10m. (Yes, this is a ‘Bootlegger Burpee’).

The 3rd minute, perform 3 laps, keep going until you cannot complete the allotted number in the minute.

Once you cannot finish the amount of 'laps' in the minute, rest 2 minutes and start over at the round you left off (see if you can get another minute or two).

Scaling Guide: Get to round 9 – 14

Coaching Tips:

The first few minutes of these feel easy, but don’t worry it gets hard real fast! Take your time and even ‘walk’ on the first few rounds. Start sprinting only when you have to. If you bomb out a bit early and want to some extra work, rest for one round, then try to get the same amount for two more minutes. If you are short on time, start at minute 5 (do 5 trips your first minute). If you are short on distance, run out 5m and back before laying back down.Scoring: Unknown Type

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March 31, 2020 – CrossFit for Health

2-4 Rounds:
45 sec couch stretch,
5 dive bombers,
30 sec crab bridge,
10 alternating shoulder touches in plank

A. Manila Madness

4 cycles of 4 minutes.
2 minutes rest between cycles

20 Towel Rows or 10 Door Pull ups

Then max rounds:
10 Tuck Jumps
20 Mountain Climbers

(after 4 min cycle, 2 min rest, begin rounds where you left off on the last cycle)

Scaling Guide: 22 min total time. 9 – 13 Rounds, about 60-90s for the Towel Rows, then 1 min per round after.

Coaching Tips: Make the Towel Rows as hard as you can (you can do them single arm if needed). If you cannot do a Tuck Jump (because of ability or noise), just jump explosively in place (and land softly). Keep your hips low on the Mountain Climbers.Scoring: Not Scored

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March 28, 2020 – CrossFit for Health

2-4 Rounds:
5 inch worm to push-up,
5 per side golf ball pick-ups,
30 sec squat hold,
5 per side windmill,
5 per side bird dogs

A. The Revengers

1 mile Run or 8 minutes of Skipping Rope

Then 5 rounds for time
12 Glute Bridge with feet elevated (12-18")
12 Reverse Lunges (6L/6R alternating)
100 Bearhug March Steps (Hug item to chest, 20-50lbs if you can find it!)

Scaling Guide: 20-28 minutes, about 8-10 minutes for the Run, then 2:30 per round after.

Coaching Tips: Pace the Run so you can go right into the next movements. Make sure you hit the full range of motion on the Glute Bridges (fully open at the top). For the Bearhug March, find a heavy item you can hold comfortably (probably not children). Each step is a rep, lift knee to above waist height each rep. Rotate 90 degrees to face a different wall every 25 reps to help you count.Scoring: Not Scored

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March 29, 2020 – CrossFit for Health

200m Jog.

Then 3 rounds:

5 Side Lunges per side,
5 Single Arm Ring Row / Towel Row per side,
5 Glute Bridges,
10 Glute Bridges,
10 Push Ups with Reach,
10 Sit Ups

A. You Be Illin

5 rounds for time of:

18 Up Downs (like a Burpee without a Push Up)
18 Butterfly Sit ups

Scaling Guide: 6 – 12 minutes, about 1:20 per round.

Coaching Tips: An 'Up Down' is a Burpee without a push up. Make sure you jump at the top. Put the soles of your feet together for the butterfly sit ups. Make sure you go all the way up (touch past your toes to the floor each rep)
Scoring: Time (lower is better)

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March 27, 2020 – CrossFit for Health

3 sets of

10 Push Up with shoulder taps,
10 Squat Jumps,
30s per side Side Plank.

Then 2 rounds of: 20s Crab Bridge, 5L/5R Deadbug

A. Blue Stream

15 minutes for quality

2-4-6… Lunge Jumps + 3s HS Hold or HSPU (Lunge, Lunge, HS Hold = 1 'rep')

40' Bear Crawl (20' = 2 "reps") or 20' HS Walk

50 Jumping Jacks

After 15 minutes:
800m run, 1000m row, or 3 min of 'Side Hops'

Scaling Guide:
NOT FOR TIME. Aim to finish the 10s to finishing the 16s. Optional: Record number of Lunge Jump + HS Combos completed and/or Run or Row time.

Coaching Tips:
Focus on technique and moving deliberately. Experiment with HS walks (if you are ready), before dropping to Bear Crawls. Use the Jumping Jacks as a pacer. Push hard on the final Run/Row/Side Hops.
Scoring: Not Scored

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March 26, 2020 – CrossFit for Health

2-3 rounds:
9 Squat Jumps,
6 Inch Worms,
3 Bird Dogs,
1 Crab Bridge,
8-12 Hollow Rocks.

A. The Chief

5 cycles of 3 minutes, 1 minute rest between cycles

4 Broad Jumps 4*/5 feet
6 Push Ups
9 Air Squats

Scaling Guide: 16-28 rounds, about 4.5 rounds per cycle

Coaching Tips: Try to do these in unbroken sets if possible. Push the pace on the transitions because of the 1 min rests. Don't let yourself get sloppy on the push-ups and the squats. Make sure you hit full range of motion for every rep! Primarily, no sagging push-ups where your thighs leave the ground before your chest and no squats above depth or without fully open hips at the top.
Scoring: Rounds and Reps (higher is better)

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March 25, 2020 – CrossFit for Health

400m Jog or 2 min Jump Rope.

Then 3 rounds:
10 Reverse Lunge Steps,
10 Push Ups,
10 Goblet or Air Squats,
10 Sit Ups, 10 Ring/Towel Rows

A. Not So Naive

AMRAP in 9 min, 1 min Rest, 9 min again
6 Towel Rows
8 Downward Dog Push ups
16 Alternating Reverse Lunges (8L/8R)

After 9 min, 1 min Rest, then pick up where you left off.

INTERMISSION: At minute 0:00, 3:00, 6:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, and stop and perform 25 Toe Taps (on an 8" step or roller)

Scaling Guide: 6- 10 rounds, about 1:45 per round (not including the time for the Jumping Jacks).

Coaching Tips: Go right for a big set of Towel Rows. You should be able to do at least 2 rounds unbroken Towel Rows. After the last DD Push Up, go right into the lunges. Avoid taking too large of steps back and hyper extending the back.Scoring: Rounds and Reps (higher is better)

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March 24, 2020 – CrossFit for Health

2-4 rounds
5 per side – plank to knee touch to elbow,
10-20s per side side plank,
3 per side samson stretch,
10 per side lying adductor leg raise,
10 hollow rocks,

A. Long Workout Alert

6 cycles at 70-80% Intensity:

2 min (for rounds):
16 Plank with Hand to Toe Touch (lift one foot and one hand and touch them
together with each rep). 8L/8R alternating
10 Air Squat
2 min: Run (shuttle run if indoors)
1 min: RestScoring: Time (lower is better)

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March 22, 2020 – CrossFit for Health

2 Rounds:
30 sec Jumping Rope or Jumping Jacks,
30 sec Plank,
5 Plank to Downward Dog,
30 sec Jumping Rope,
30 sec Hollow Hold,
10 Straight Leg Sit-ups (ideally touching toes),
30 sec Jumping Rope,
30 sec Squat Hold,
15 Air Squats

A. The Perfect Drug

In 20 mins, Perform as Many Reps as Possible

20 Side Lunges -10 Left, 10 Right, Alternating
20 V Up / Sit Up

1 min Rest

40 Side Lunges -10 Left, 10 Right, Alternating
40 V Up / Sit Up

1 min Rest

60 Side Lunges -10 Left, 10 Right, Alternating
60 V Up / Sit Up

1 min Rest

80, 100, …

Take your time on the Side Lunge/Squats. Focus on hitting full range of motion and keeping the foot flat. Go for big sets of V Ups early on but break them up in later rounds so you can do bigger sets of Jumping Jacks. It is easier to count if you face a different direction every 10 reps (think: North, South, East, West, walls). You can skip/shorten the last round of rest if it is after 18 minutes.Scoring: Reps (higher is better)

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